Contact centre solution and optimisation company INOVO has launched a new WhatsApp-based offering aimed at helping companies deliver enhanced customer service and improving the level of customer experience they can offer.

The new offering allows customers and contact centre agents to send each other links, photos, and documents over WhatsApp, meaning that queries can be dealt with in real time and using the world’s most popular instant messaging app.

Additionally, it allows your contact centre to create pre-determined agent responses and templates, ensuring replies are faster and more consistent.

Using the channel, organisations can also measure, track, and draw detailed reports on all interactions. The same level of reporting can be drawn across all customer contact channels, including voice, web chat, email, and social media. These insights can then be used to improve contact centre efficiency, productivity, and the overall customer experience.

“Great customer experience means servicing customers efficiently and in a way that they prefer,” says INOVO CEO Wynand Smit, explaining the decision to launch the new offering. “For millions of people, that’s WhatsApp”.

Using WhatsApp as a customer contact channel has other benefits for businesses too, including significantly reducing the costs associated with servicing customers over the phone.

Businesses also have the option of using chatbots as a first line of support, further reducing voice traffic to the contact centre. Customers can request to speak to a human agent at any time during a conversation with a bot.

“The contact centre is constantly evolving, with much of that evolution driven by the customer,” concludes Smit. “Businesses that are serious about providing a great customer experience must embrace that evolution. At INOVO, we’re at the forefront of helping them do so”.

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