Contact centre fax solution

Manage faxes more efficiently. Convert fax to email, queue these interactions into the contact centre, and improve your measurement and reporting.
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Key features

Send and receive a FAX from the INOVO contact centre solution

  • By converting a fax to email the interaction can be queued to agents or agent groups and managed through the same contact centre user interface as other channels.
  • All metrics and reporting for fax interactions are also available through the standard contact centre interfaces.

Simplify your document management

  • Documents sent via fax are digitally stored and associated with customers and/or campaigns. This simplifies the retrieval and management of these documents, enhancing general efficiency and agent productivity.

How it works

Configure an online fax service to convert an incoming fax to an email

Configure our contact centre solutions to queue faxes to the right agents

Agents can now receive faxes just like a normal email, improving visibility, measurement & reporting on interactions and the performance of agents.

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