Web chat for contact centres

Convert your website into a powerful sales and instant support tool.
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Implement live chat on your website or mobile app to offer your customers immediate assistance while browsing online. An integrated web chat solution provides the visibility, reporting and features needed to effectively manage the channel from within the contact centre.

“Compared to other methods of communication, 92% of consumers prefer communicating over live chat”

Source – MarTech


  • Convert more visitors to customers – use web chat to improve engagement, provide additional product information and advice, help visitors navigate through complex online application processes or troubleshoot payment/checkout challenges.
  • Proactively create sales opportunities – configure your web chat to automatically start conversations with visitors after spending a certain amount of time on a web page or your website.
  • Minimise the loss of sales opportunities – enable visitors to enter their details and request a call back to generate a voice call with an agent.
  • Offer website visitors immediate, convenient and frictionless access to your customer service or sales department.
  • Proactively recognise a customer and provide personalised customer service via web chat.
  • Improve the likelihood of a speedier resolution or sale by enabling customers and prospects to communicate, send images and documents to agents in real-time.
  • Reduce customer frustration and provide the best possible experience by dynamically routing interactions straight to the correct departments/agents.
  • Provide support when it’s convenient for your customers – enable call back requests via web chat.
  • Provide 24/7 customer support by enabling self-service options (such as a chatbot) for web chat.
  • Manage customer expectations effectively – configure automated responses to notify customers of operating hours, or even hide web chat options after hours or when no agents are available.
  • Blend web chat with other contact centre channels to manage the workload, resources and skill allocation of agents better.
  • Use predefined text responses and templates for agents to interact with customers quickly and consistently.
  • Employ web chat self-service options (such as a chatbot) to field common customer queries, decrease handling time and ultimately reduce the cost of service.
  • Use dashboards and historical reporting to monitor and manage the performance of your agents and the channel itself. This insight can then be used to identify optimisation and cost-saving opportunities.

Key features

Integrated, blended contact centre channel

Queue web chat messages into the contact centre to allow all channels to be measured and managed from the same application. Leverage other advanced contact centre functionality such as intelligent routing and channel and skills blending to increase productivity and improve SLAs

Handle multiple chats simultaneously

Enable your agents to toggle between chat windows and assist multiple customers at the same time. This eliminates idle waiting time, allows agents to service more requests and improves overall productivity and efficiency.

Pro-active chat

Instead of just responding to queries, initiate sessions pro-actively to assist and guide customers while they are browsing your website. Set up rules to initiate chat sessions when a customer spends a certain amount of time on a webpage or performs a series of actions that would indicate support is required.

In-app chat

Integrate web chat into other business applications that your customers frequently use.

Emoji support

Emojis form an integral part of digital communication and is fully supported within the web chat solution.

Send and receive multiple file types

Multiple file types (documents, images etc.) can be uploaded and sent through the chat window.

Collaboration and co-browsing

Enable agents to view a visitor’s current web page and dynamically redirect him or her to other pages within your website. This lowers the interaction time when handling the most demanding web-based customer journeys.

Real-time dashboards and reporting

Real-time dashboards and historical reporting on all web chat interactions and outcomes are available to ensure full visibility. Agent productive vs non-productive time, for example, is measured across all channels and campaigns.

Predefined text responses and templates

Respond to customers faster and ensure the quality of your agents’ responses with pre-defined text responses and templates that can be published and managed by supervisors in real-time.

Schedule and prioritise automated call backs

Call back requests sent via web chat can be scheduled and prioritised depending on business rules and requirements.

Secure archiving and data management

All interactions are encrypted, recorded, and securely archived for quality control.

Transfer chats

If an agent can’t assist a customer with a specific query, the chat can be assigned or transferred to another group or agent.

Integrated self-service options

  • Self-service will enable your customers to interact with your company 24/7 and get immediate and relevant responses to queries. This improves the customer experience, drives down costs and increases revenue.
  • Integrated self-service options can take the form of simple menu structures directing a customer to specific information to more advanced NLP chatbots – all of which can act as a first line of customer support from within the web chat solution.

Calculating ROI

This depends on a customer’s environment, but here are two potential scenarios:

Productivity increases by up to 40% when introducing web chat. Contributing factors could include:

  • Channel blending and enabling agents to manage multiple chats at the same time.
  • Intelligent routing of web chat interactions to appropriate departments and agents.
  • Predefined responses and templates lowering interaction time

The other area where a significant ROI can be observed is implementing a self-service solution on top of the web chat platform. Depending on the source material and use case, a chatbot can field up to 80% of queries and lower the service cost significantly.

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