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Integrate WhatsApp into your contact centre to provide a more immediate, measurable and convenient way for your customers to engage with your business
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Notify, assist and chat to customers on the most popular IM platform in the world! Unlike manually managing a WhatsApp business account via a mobile phone or desktop, INOVO’s WhatsApp solution is completely integrated into your contact centre,

This enables your business to leverage existing contact centre features such as intelligent routing, channel blending, predefined text responses, real-time dashboards, historical reporting and the ability to manage agents across all channels.

  • Communicate with customers on their preferred channel.
  • Provide a more cost-effective way for customers to interact with your business.
  • Enable customers to share documents and images through WhatsApp rather than via other less convenient methods (such as email or fax).
  • Recognise a customer immediately and use this opportunity to provide a more personalised service.
  • Offer efficient self-service options directly from a platform customers already use.
  • If a WhatsApp conversation is transferred to another agent, the chat history is retained. This reduces the need to repeat information and improves the likelihood of a speedier resolution.
  • Leverage the file sharing capabilities of WhatsApp to enhance the efficiency of specific customer or business processes (e.g. FICA, account applications, statement queries etc.)
  • Employ WhatsApp self-service options (such as a chatbot) to field common customer queries and reduce the cost of service.
  • Use predefined text responses and templates for agents to interact with customers quickly and consistently.
  • Use dashboards and advanced reporting to monitor the performance of your agents and the channel itself. This insight can then be used to identify optimisation and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Blend WhatsApp with other contact centre channels to manage the workload, resources and skill allocation of agents better.
  • Store WhatsApp messages and report on activity in real-time – enabling supervisors to identify agents in need of training, or highlight high risk conversations that require intervention.
  • The widespread use and capabilities (sharing of documents and images) of WhatsApp as a communication channel enables businesses to onboard customers faster and more efficiently, resulting in less time to money.

Key features

Integrated contact centre channel

Queue WhatsApp messages into the contact centre, allowing all channels to be measured and managed from the same application.

Handle multiple chats simultaneously

Enable agents to handle several WhatsApp chats at same time to avoid wasting time (and money) waiting for replies from customers. This increase capacity while reducing the cost of service.

Extensive dashboards and reporting

Supervisors have access to real-time dashboards and reporting (e.g. productive vs. non-productive time across all channels and campaigns).

Predefined responses and templates

Respond to customers faster and ensure the quality of your agents’ responses with pre-defined text and templates (dynamic and static) that can be published and managed in real-time.

Enabled for chat and self-service

Use WhatsApp as a first line of support 24/7 – self-service chatbots and menus are seamlessly integrated into WhatsApp. Learn more about chatbots

Send and receive multiple file types over WhatsApp

In addition to text, agents can also securely send and receive images, audio files and documents. Learn more about how you can manage customer documents better

WhatsApp Smart Agent Transfers

With INOVO’s Smart Agent Transfers, the customer’s entire chat history is retained when a WhatsApp chat is transferred to another agent, resulting in a better customer experience, and a higher likelihood of a quick resolution.

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Interact with your customers via WhatsApp to deliver enhanced customer service and CX.

Calculating ROI

The ROI for WhatsApp is calculated for two scenarios:

1. Introducing WhatsApp as a contact centre channel

Providing pre-defined responses and templates, enabling agents to handle multiple chats at the same time and improved reporting typically results in a 40% increase in productivity.

Blending WhatsApp chats with other channels such as social media, web chat, email and voice can also lead to a further 30% increase in productivity.

2. Introducing WhatsApp as a contact centre channel and adding a chatbot

Determine which queries the chatbot will handle.

Determine the time that is taken by agents to respond to these queries (by both voice and chat).

Determine how much it costs to handle these voice and chat interactions (factoring in the cost of the agents’ time).

To calculate the money saved per month, you can then multiply the time saved in voice and chat interactions by the per-hour cost of handling those interactions.

Getting started

Send us a request as well as the number that you would like to use for your interactions, and we will get start the approval process. If you already have a WhatsApp approved number and agreement with one of the local BSPs then skip this step.

Any self-service requirements? If so, we will build a self-service menu structure or NLP chatbot to handle most of the simple and repetitive tasks and requests.

In parallel, we will configure and set up your hosted contact centre to enable you to handle WhatsApp interactions as well as any other contact channels (e.g. email, voice, webchat). If you already have an INOVO call centre then skip to the next step.

Congratulations, your contact centre is ready to use WhatsApp to interact with your customers!