Quality management

Evaluate and monitor agent performance more effectively to improve efficiency, CX and compliance.
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A quality management solution enables businesses to constantly measure and monitor the performance of contact centre agents and the quality of the service they provide to customers from within a single application. This is achieved through analysing the depth and quality of customer interactions across all contact channels

(voice, web chat, email and video), while also implementing advanced employee evaluations on a regular basis to track compliance and performance. Incorporating analytics, targeted coaching, scorecards and training into quality management processes can also help employees improve their skills and overall service delivery.


  • Help automate the quality assurance process across all interactions while gaining insight.
  • Built-in form intelligence reduces the supervisor effort required to manage evaluation forms while improving accuracy and efficacy.
  • Select a level and depth of automation depending on requirements.
  • Regular and constructive feedback sessions help equip agents to deal with customer interactions better.
  • Improved visibility into agent performance helps address any internal process challenges or skills/knowledge gaps that may impact service levels.
  • Coaching and skills development also help contribute towards a more positive employee experience and a better experience for customers.
  • Correctly identify and take specific action based on evaluation scores.
  • Implement automated business rules to action e-learning or other training efforts. Tie these together with existing training to help employees develop and extend their skills.
  • Monitor voice and screen recordings to verify that the correct information has been shared with customers and that agents enter accurate information into business applications.


Managing risk and enforcing compliance across all customer-agent interactions can be impractical and often comes with a hefty price tag.

It is difficult to manage multiple scorecard types and versions across all interaction channels and campaigns.

Implementing processes to improve skills and address knowledge gaps can be a challenge.

Evaluator bias can affect the accuracy of agent performance scores.

Businesses often do not have sufficient or adequate reporting in place to assess training shortcomings, agent improvement areas, evaluator productivity etc.

Key features

Design flexible and intelligent evaluation forms

  • Populate new fields based on selections
  • Validate input and enforce the completion of required fields
  • Use radio buttons, drop-down menu options, input scales, text input fields and more
  • Add weighting to questions and automatically calculate totals

Combine with Speech Analytics to automate QM activities

  • Analytics-driven quality management functionality can make it easy to search large numbers of calls and focus on the ones that matter the most. Calls can be automatically categorise into speech analytics-derived categories focused on situations that can make or break customer relationships (including greetings, escalations, hold behaviours, empathy, and confusion).

Automatically drive e-learning and performance-based coaching initiatives

  • Use the performance management module to either automatically or manually address knowledge or skill gaps detected during evaluation. Relevant assessments and policies can also be attached to these sessions.

Form management

  • Update evaluation form versions in real-time and make them immediately accessible to evaluators.
  • Configure rules to associate evaluation forms with specific departments or campaigns to ensure that evaluators never use the wrong form again.

Evaluate performance across interaction channels

  • Obtain an overall and integrated view of agent performance by combining chat, email, voice and other interaction channels to evaluate interactions in a single interface.

Customisable dashboards and reporting

  • Supervisors can easily adapt dashboards to their needs and drill down into data to access vital information in real-time. Reports are configurable, and business rules dictate the recipients and frequency of creation.

Manage workflow across evaluators

  • Manage workflow to evaluate an optimal number of interactions across departments and teams.

Powerful search capability

  • Use an easy to use search function to find interactions that match a channel, agent, customer or conversational metric.

Browser-based and easy to use

  • The solution uses familiar navigation and command elements, making it easy to use at the office or at home.

An integrated part of the larger ecosystem

  • A deep level of integration with other modules such as performance management, quality management, speech analytics, e-learning, coaching (and more) ensures a future-proof investment that can adapt to changing requirements and allows room for further enhancements.

Meet compliance and PCI DSS requirements

  • The application supports the incorporation of all the latest regulatory requirements into quality assurance processes.

Add speech analytics to automate the quality management of 100% of the calls in your contact centre.

Add speech analytics to automate the quality management of 100% of the calls in your contact centre.

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